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301 013 4 meg tsop
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Default 301 013 4 meg tsop - 9th November 2003, 07:12 AM

I need to know how I can write my 4 meg flash file back in my ird? Jkeys don't seem to work, and wall 2 only writes 2 meg and not 4 meg.. any info would be greatful.. thanks..

I am using the vid also..
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Default 9th November 2003, 07:09 PM

you need a vidmod

The 301-13 comes in 2 different versions.
You need to physically count the number of tsops before you go any further.
Does the ird have 1 or 2 tsops? Dont just guess, look at the board and count them.
There seems to be a lot of confusion on what version of jkeys works with the 301-13.
I use the modified jkeys 2.9.9 but any version with the 301-13 definition in it will work.
To tell if your version of jkeys will or will not work, just pull down the box that says 301 and scroll down to the bottom.
If it stops at single, then it will work with your 301-13. If it stops at drd, then it wonít work and you need to download a different version of jkeys.
Jkeys can not tell what version of 301 you have so it is up to you to select your ird from the list.
You will want to select dual for 2 tsops or single for 1 tsop.
You should also use a BUFFERED jtag and ground pad 1 for best results.
If jtagging from the bottom then ground pad 1 the whole time you are jtagging.
If you are jtagging from the top then ground R79.
R79 is just right of the card slot and under the crystal.
The R79 is empty and you want to apply ground to the side of R79 that is closest to the jtag port, not the furthest side.

Now for the VIDMOD 301-13 SINGLE tsop ONLY.
If you have the dual tsop 301-13, then there is no need for a vidmod.
If you have a single tsop 301-13, you only need the vidmod if you have the 349 error or if you want to reflash the whole tsop, or if you erased the tsop by mistake.
There is no need to do the vidmod to fix an ECM or to READ the tsop.
There is also no need to reflash the whole tsop to fix the ecm.
You can use the simple 349 fix and the vidmod to fix the 349 error.

301-13 ECM vidmod needed.
Again, you must know if you have a dual or single tsop ird.
DO NOT GUESS and donít expect jkeys to tell you what you have.
Count the tsops with your eyes.
For the DUAL tsop 301-13 erase SA15 in FLASH 2, make sure it is FLASH 2.
For the SINGLE tsop 301-13 erase SA49.
After you erase your SA address, then restream the ird with nothing in the card slot for 30 minutes and it will repair itself.

and the 301-13 will not convert to bev at this time


the new 301.013 tsop is protected, you can't erase or write to it until you do the vid mod. the vid mod is a process where you input a 12volts to the tsop to unprotect it, then, you can erase and write to it. also, there is no need to change the 301.013 tsop to DAHA to accept others cards than the yellow one. here are the steps:
1- connect the jtag
2- do the vid mod
3- open jkeys
4- click on flash programming
5- reset the ird and click on ok
6- in the address section, write: 7FFFFFAC
7- click on read, 5D00 will appear
8- change it to 0000
9- click on program, remove the vid mod
10- enjoy!!! now you can use your atmega, roms & even your yellow card...
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